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Home Staging is a relatively new industry and many people still have a lot of questions about it. Questions like does it really work? Does a staged home really sell faster and for more money? Who benefits from Home Staging? The latest research clearly reveals the effectiveness of Home Staging and you might be quite surprised to find just how many people benefit.

Home Sellers Benefit:

o Staged homes sell faster; an average of 50% faster (and as much as 89% faster; according to a 2008 RESA study).

o Staged homes sell for more money (as much as 10% more). In a recent study 65% of the buyers surveyed said they would be willing to pay more for a home that was move-in ready.

o Home Staging is a great investment and can save home sellers money. A recent HomeGain survey found that home staging produced a 340% return on investment. I know allot of people who wouldn't mind a that kind of return on their investments. Knowing which improvements bring you the greatest return is the key to success.

o Home Staging also helps a seller's home to make it to buyers top 10 lists of properties to view. According to Maritz 2005-2006 research poll, 58% of buyers made a decision to buy after seeing 10 properties.

o Front yard staging gives a home great curb appeal. 63% of buyers drive by homes before choosing which ones they would like to view. By staging the yard (as well as the home) you will increase the amount of potential buyers that come to view the home.

Realtors� Benefit:

o A staged home photographs well and provides Realtors� with great photos for their internet and print ad advertising. Statistics show that 80% of home buyers preview properties on the Internet. By staging their listings Realtors� stand a better chance of enticing potential buyers to come and view their listings.

o Staging can save Realtors� money. Staged homes have been shown to sell faster than non-staged homes. Fewer days on market not only makes for happy clients but reduces the amount they have to spend on marketing and other listing expenses.

o Staging can help Realtors� to get more listings. Realtors� who consistently have their listings staged distinguish them-selves as an agent who goes above and beyond. Happy home sellers will be more than happy to recommend you others.

o Staged properties receive more viewings.

o Professional stagers act as an objective 3rd party. Many Realtors� are reluctant to tell their clients all the work that should be done to their property in order to fully capitalize on its selling potential. They fear they may somehow offend the client and thus lose the listing. By using the services of a Professional Home Stager (even just a consultation) the Realtor� reduces this risk while at the same time serving the best needs of the client.

Builders & Investors Benefit:

o Staged properties sell 78% faster than un-furnished properties. A faster sale reduces the risk of a price reduction and potentially increasing your profit margin. Home Buyers have a difficult time visualizing how a room would look furnished. People tend to see things as they are not as they could be. It is hard to get an accurate feel for the size of a space without furnishings. A modest investment in Home Staging will not only help the home to sell it helps it to sell faster and often for more money.

o Home builders have long been known to furnish and decorate model homes in order to entice buyers. Traditionally they have hired interior designer or decorators to create their models. But a recent trend has many Home builders and investors hiring home stagers to prepare their models because they are finding it more cost effective.
Home Stagers use rental furniture and accessories. Home builders can save a bundle by not having to out-right purchase all of the required showroom pieces. It also solves the problem of having to store or sell the furnishings and accessories later.

Home Buyers Benefit:

o Home buyers benefit when they purchase a property that has been staged. A properly staged home is often move in ready. Everything is fresh, clean, and in a good state of repair. Decors and up-grades are on trend. Clutter is removed and walls, windows and other fixed assets are easier to view.

Neighbors Benefit:

o When a home sells for maximum value it causes the price of the other homes in the area to go up in price as well. This is because values are usually determined by the average selling price of comparable homes in the area.

Bankers and Appraisers Benefit:

o A home that has been well staged is easier for bankers to lend money on and to appraise it value. Sometimes the appraisals even come in a bit higher meaning the bank will loan more money for the purchase of that property.

Home Inspectors Benefit:

o When a home has been staged it makes it easier for the home inspector to do his/her inspection. A staged home will usually receive a better report from an inspector.

o Many deals have fallen through after an inspection has turned up allot of work and repairs that needs to be done. Once the inspector spots a few red flags he becomes all the more vigilant. If the home is dirty and appears not well keep they tend to presume that the home seller has neglected other repairs as well.

With so many benefits and beneficiaries home staging has never made more sense.

About Mirage:

Our team visits your property and makes an assessment report of what needs to be done to make your home a very special listing.  The comments may be minor and those very minor details might just be the key to increased gain on your sale.  In other cases, our more extensive renovations may lead to 6 figure increases to the value of your property.  Keep in mind that colors, clutter and overall rearrangement of furnishings are not expensive to accomplish.  Even if the suggested renovations are more extensive, budget is always uppermost in the minds of our team.

Consider calling or emailing us for more details on how the process begins.  We pride ourselves in "PERFECT SERVICE"!  The scope and detail of our service will most assuredly set your property apart from others on the market!    We deliver results time after time!!!!

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