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Here’s a compelling thought……..

Suppose you could create a portfolio of commercial and residential investment properties in a resort city “buy the seashore”! Now you can do so with confidence in your decision on location, property management and appreciation potential.

Accessing the real estate market in Virginia Beach , Virginia and on the Eastern Shore of Virginia could be simplified for you as an investor.

Sound intriguing?

It is a fact that in today’s world of investment options, diversification is a key to ultimate gain in your investment portfolio. Real estate will remain a very respectable avenue to ensure growth of your discretionary investment dollars. It truly is a tangible asset that is geared to offer respectable goals of escalated appreciation, especially when the commercial or residential property location is near the Atlantic Ocean or Chesapeake Bay .

We can help………

We are a unique real estate investment brokerage company – professional, resourceful and innovative in approach with unwavering commitment to our clients. Over the years, we have channeled literally millions of investor dollars into properties in various categories including: Resort rental, Vacation homes, Commercial properties for occupancy or lease, Permanent relocation residences, Multi-family buildings, Renovation properties, and Resort retail or Shopping Centers.


This is our forte’ ……..

We are instrumental in the sales development strategies and efficient property management of real estate portfolios that have attained the client’s desired revenue and appreciation driven goals. Steady growth is the result for those investors who have sought and continue to utilize our concepts and services. Our methodology is not to just sell a property but to build a client relationship that will sustain for years to follow.

For over 20 years, we have combined a background in corporate management of billion dollar plus corporations nationally, with performance driven, results-oriented sales and marketing concepts. This experience is coupled with a sincere effort to conduct business in a manner that has historically built long term solid relationships with our clients.

In recent years, we have parlayed that experience into the challenging and rewarding world of commercial and residential real estate investment property acquisition. It has resulted in a portfolio of clients who share our spirited strategies of approaching this market. We carefully analyze sales data combining it with a lifetime of knowledge of the land and properties that surrounds the breathtaking waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay .

We do more than find a property for you………

  Our methodology is proficient. We examine your goals realistically. This means you can expect us to ask a lot of questions – questions that will involve your financial goals, your thought process in establishing those goals and the timeline you have set to achieve those goals. In turn, we want you to ask us questions and together as a team, we will shape a plan to meet your parameters.

We focus on designing acquisition strategies……..

 We produce results for long term property appreciation and ultimate gain in value. Whether you are buying or selling, the strategy is to obtain the very best scenario for you as our client. In turn, we establish enduring relationships with you, our client and the tenants who occupy your investment properties. We open new channels of communication, becoming a vital link between you and the sellers of a vast array of properties that could create the potential growth you seek in any investment. We personally review the market data and present to you only the selections that meet your criteria.

We implement strategic plans……. .

When you make the decision to purchase each investment property, we assist you in seeking creative financing partners to secure each purchase at the most beneficial interest rate to match your payment goals. This is the essence of a well-planned and profitable approach to this fast-paced and vibrant real estate marketplace. We are continually sourcing new ideas, electronic tools and partnerships to enhance your plans for the purchase and management of your properties. Our website is a primary source of electronic communication to connect Rivage to buyers and sellers of unique properties. Visibility is the goal with our far reaching, expansive search engine identification at WWW . RIVAGE-REALESTATE.COM. The web and multi-market national broadcast television coupled with national newspaper advertising provides the most efficient, streamlined data to keep the sale of your investment property in the eyes of the audience seeking investment property in this market area.


We communicate........

Once your investment strategy has been developed and the plan is in motion, we do not consider our job complete. We will endeavor to inform you at regular intervals of the market growth, your property appreciation and the timely purchase opportunities which will continue to grow your portfolio. Long term, we will assist you in monitoring and evaluating lease income along with the determination of potential resale gain of portfolio properties.

We want to ensure that we are accurately communicating with the utmost integrity We pride ourselves in providing sound, productive consultation from listening to your goals to assisting you in the development and realization of your own unique real estate portfolio.

Helping you to accomplish your goals is more important than potential earnings for

The Rivage Companies.

In other words, ultimately,

Your goals become Our goals.

All of these factors translate into….

Long Term

Return on Investment

for You …our client !

The Rivage Companies, LLC
Ph: 757-875-9000
Chesapeake, VA 23328

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